Sunday, Sept 13 – Black Squirrel & Libertine Adams Morgan Day


Len and J fill their Black Squirrel Stage with Artists that bring Adams Morgan Alive on any given Sunday and The Capitol Heights kick off a completely new listening space at Libertine. Enjoy them both with an A list of DC Talent all day in celebration of Adams Morgan Day 2015!    Here’s the Line-Up to date!

Black Squirrel

Time Slot Artist/Band
2:00 Alex “The Red” Perrez
3:00 Andres Gallego
4:00 Lauren Calve
5:00 Len & J
6:00 Novakaine
7:00 Cordell
8:00 Jackson Thompson
9:00 Yuppie Grifter
10:00 The Pluto Project


Time Slot Artist/Band
2:00 The Capitol Heights
3:00 Colleen McCracken
4:00 Jahnel Slowikowski
5:00 Tammy Patrick and the Murkin Wrangler
6:00 Dan Barry
7:00 Mississippi Gumbo
8:00 Nardo Lilly
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